Baldassin & Charles Walter Pianos  

The Charles R. Walter piano incorporates the finest and most advanced design that technology can provide. Careful attention was given to full bass performance through the use of long strings and a large solid spruce soundboard. Extensive work in scale design has provided smooth sound continuity across the keyboard, a singing treble, and a smooth precise tuning.

The piano has become so well recognized for its design superiority that Mr. Walter has become a frequently requested speaker on the topic of piano design and construction at piano technician seminars and state conventions throughout the United States.

Among modern pianos, the Charles R. Walter is unique for its superb blend of that which is the most advanced in modern technology and that which is the finest in old world craftsmanship.

“ I expect Charles R. Walter pianos to always be the highest quality. Such a goal demands close attention and persistence in detail day-by-day. Every Walter piano to leave my factory is personally final inspected and signed by a member of my family - hence the inscription, "Signature of Quality." - Charles Walter

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