Baldassin & Estonia Pianos Genuine Renner Action Parts Within
ESTONIA pianos come from the Republic of Estonia, a country in northern Europe located on the eastern coast of the Baltic Sea. The Estonia factory was founded in 1893 by Ernst Hiis. 100 years later, Indrek Laul set a new goal for the factory: Bring these grand pianos into a world-class, highest quality musical and professional level. Since that time, Estonia pianos have become recognized as some of the finest instruments in the world. In 2004 alone, over 200 newspapers worldwide wrote articles about the success of Estonia Pianos.

"There simply is more music in this grand..."

"Well proportioned, with exquisitely rounded off corners, stood the Grand Estonia - large, beautiful and imposing."

......-Sviatoslav Richter

Estonia pianos are made of the highest quality European materials, where each component is carefully selected, one by one, as each instrument is truly handmade one by one. All models have the full Renner actions assembled at the Renner company in Germany, and have the premium Renner Blue hammers, which create superb tone, touch and stability.
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