Baldassin & Fazioli Pianos Genuine Renner Action Parts Within
Rick and Cindy Baldassin were first introduced to the Fazioli piano on a business trip to Europe in 1989. After concluding business with the Renner Company in Germany, a trip to Italy was planned to seek out the town from which Baldassin's grandfather had emigrated 75 years earlier. When the officials from the Renner company heard of the trip to Italy, they recommended a stop to meet Mr. Paolo Fazioli. Baldassin agreed, not having any idea where in Italy the Fazioli factory was located. To his surprise, the factory in Sacile was located less than 60 kilometers from the town of Nervesa where his grandfather was born.

Seeing the Fazioli pianos for the first time, Baldassin knew that they were the finest pianos in the world. The attention to detail, materials, design and execution all surpassed any other piano being produced, and the sound was the most incredible he had ever heard. He committed that day that if he ever were to own a piano store, he would most certainly carry the Fazioli pianos.

Two years later, Baldassin and his wife opened that store, and today, Baldassin Performance Pianos is one of the largest retailers of Fazioli Pianos in the United States.

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